A solution combining human competence and technological innovation, to combat crime and espionage

Special Project_Countersurveillance

In the context of private and corporate security, Sferanet has developed numerous skills over the years which exploit the collection and analysis of data along with Cyber Security techniques to prevent crime and industrial espionage

One of these competencies is called Countersurveillance.

Monitoring the environment to prevent crime

Via advanced electronic and IT devices, Sferanet’s countersurveillance systems allow you to scan the environment affected by actual or suspected illegal activity, such as cybercrime, theft of personal or business data, stalking and espionage activities. 

Any device used for surveillance (cameras, bugs, recorders, hacked devices, etc.) can thus be localised, analysed and neutralised.

Countersurveillance acts quickly to isolate fraudulent systems and limit their function.

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Protection against wrongdoing, everywhere

Sferanet’s countersurveillance solutions can be customised according to the client’s needs, whether operating in the private or public arena. This is possible thanks to our systems’ numerous functionalities which guarantee the success of countermeasures on various surfaces and via different methods

In any type of environment, on all types of vehicles, in buildings or via electronic and computer devices, we are able to detect illegal acts and guarantee the customer the constant updating of the service.

State-of-the-art IT systems, in line with rapid technological evolution

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