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We design end-to-end solutions to get companies moving towards true Digital Revolution.Trough technology and research, we help you to reach out and touch the future, right now.

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Safemind is a state-of-the-art application framework that collects and analyses data via data monitoring activities, extracting valuable information from them in relation to the domain to which they belong.


For agile data analysis in real time or near real time.


For optimised and reliable information management.


To create application contexts in which the defence of Big Data always takes first place.


To offer your business made-to-measure solutions, customisable according to your objectives.

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Big Data

Among a business’s goals, the analysis of Big Data has huge importance. We use technologically advanced systems to extract information from the huge amount of data produced daily. We have designed tailor-made solutions for the storage, management and analysis of Big Data.

Cyber Security

Over time, we have built up considerable experience in the IT sector, which translates into an always up-to-date knowledge of the web and Cyber Security, thanks to which we recognise suspicious activities and prevent risks, in order to put the defence of your infrastructure at the forefront.

Artificial Intelligence

Our work is founded on the constant search for innovation, a business goal that we achieve through reliable and efficient IT technologies. We create advanced Deep Learning systems to support human work and business strategies.

IT Infrastructures

A strong IT Infrastructure is the foundation of high-performance IT processes. For companies and public administrations, we guarantee optimised and customisable IT solutions, which minimise the risk of interruptions, slowdowns and data loss. We design IT Infrastructures to provide your business with the right tools to address the challenges of digitisation.


quintillion bytes of data produced per day.
Cyber attacks are up


on previous years
More than


of companies use AI systems.


of companies do not have a contingency plan which addresses safety concerns.



Together with important companies, we have sought innovation in every aspect of the IT sector, achieving ambitious goals and ensuring our experience alongside the customer represents a stimulus for growth.