Artificial Intelligence

When machines and devices use Deep Learning to learn and assume human behaviours in response to a need, it is called Artificial Intelligence.

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Human Competence, Artificial Intelligence

There are two main myths that have been formed around the concept of Artificial Intelligence, both of them false. On the one hand, there are those who believe that these hi-tech technologies are now supplanting human activity, totally invading the daily lives of their users. On the other, some say they are convinced that AI is something that belongs to the future, to a distant day when technology will be the driving force of society.

Artificial Intelligence belongs to the present and is all around us. It is capable of supporting human activity in its various forms, without replacing it.

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From Deep Learning to Decision Making

Since the concept of Artificial Intelligence first appeared, we have made giant strides in keeping with the rapid technological advancement of recent years.

The growing need for companies to rely on state-of-the-art hardware and software systems – capable of operating with artificial neural circuits to replicate human reasoning skills – has led us to develop targeted solutions for our customers.

Powered by an experienced and competent team of developers, we have designed AI systems that leverage deep learning to perform decision making functions in response to a situation. We have verticalized our services to provide two main solutions, Safemind and Take Care, with the former aimed at the collection, analysis and management of data, and the latter monitoring parameters which are vital for the health of the user.

As the IT world continues to evolve year after year, we don’t stand by and watch, but invest regularly in innovation, updating our AI and Deep Learning skills.

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