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Hall of Justice – Olidata CEO Cristiano Rufini speaks

Today at the Salone della Giustizia, Cristiano Rufini, CEO of Olidata, spoke in the talk “A network without loopholes”, to discuss the risk that cyber threats have on public and private companies and the importance of strategic approaches and new technologies required for security management.

Digital sovereignty, resilience and Made in Italy solutions for a more efficient national security.

In Italy, the perception of cybersecurity issues and the danger of hacker attacks is much higher than in the past, both in the public and private sectors. In our activities we meet attentive, well-prepared interlocutors who fully understand the risks the country system is facing. It is important to pay great attention not only to investments in terms of technology, but above all to training, because many problems in terms of cybersecurity arise from human factors. The response of Italian companies to cyber attacks has always been very effective, and the news we hear about breaches is only the tip of the iceberg because attacks are daily and at 360 degrees. In terms of the future, our country has a great opportunity to become a reference point in relation to the new cyber domain being defined. To achieve this, we need to develop a national production capacity, stockpile strategic components, and develop proprietary lines of communication. These are the basic factors of digital sovereignty” cit. Cristiano Rufini.

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