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Global Compact of the United Nations

Sferanet has signed an agreement with which it undertakes to achieve the objectives of the United Nations Global Compact...

The new brand identity

Changes in platforms, new systems and exponential growth risk no longer reflecting what a company has become over time....

Sferanet Telling – Manuela Vaser

Manuela Vaser, PhD Data Scientist Sferanet, tells us how it’s possible to introduce, inside the new #technological systems, the...

Sferanet Telling – Giuseppe Di Modugno

Giuseppe Di Modugno, Sferanet Delivery Manager, talks about how Sferanet’s #DataManagement experience allows us to implement #strategies to make...

Sferanet Telling – Massimo Poli

Massimo Poli, head of #Business #Unit System Integration, tells us about the commitment that Sferanet provides to its #Clients....