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The new brand identity

Changes in platforms, new systems and exponential growth risk no longer reflecting what a company has become over time.

Prerequisites that have pushed Sferanet, active in the field of system integration and digital transformation, to launch a new logo and work on the restyling of the website, ready before the summer.

Founded in 2008, the financial news reports a progressive growth year on year.

The three-years plan 2019-2021, which predicted an annual growth increase of 5 million euros, achieves an important result: more than 42 million euros.

Numbers that alone show the growth on the market of the group, of which Claudia Quadrino is CEO.

“The previous logo was created at the birth of Sferanet representing a model that today no longer reflects us in its entirety. Having taken the first steps in the infrastructure sector, we moved on to the services sector, with a subsequent focus on data management. This has given us greater visibility, not only in Italy but also abroad».

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