Big Data

From data analysis to information reprocessing, Big Data is a valuable tool for extracting value from the footprint left by users on the network.

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From data to information

The daily use of devices connected to a network gives rise to an incredible amount of computer data in various formats.

This can come from different sources (online behaviours, websites, social networks, transactions, smart devices, and much more), and form part of an extremely fast flow. They can also change over time.

These characteristics mean that Big Data Analysis must be entrusted to professionals who can draw value from the information such data contains.

In the age of digitisation, we are all producing data even without realising it.

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The collection of data to support the business

We know and value the role of good Big Data Analysis, as this can generate valuable information. Thanks to hi-tech equipment and trained professionals, we are able to offer our customers systems for managing Big Data for implementation in their business or integration via the support of our application frameworks.

To do this, we decided not to go it alone, but to rely on high-level partnerships, such as those with Cloudera, a leading company in the Big Data landscape. In 2018 we established a Gold-level partnership with Cloudera – the first of its kind in Europe and unique in Italy – thanks to which we are committed to developing targeted solutions and constantly investing in resources, in order to provide valuable services to companies, bodies and Public Administrations.

The digital footprint left by any user of a computing device contains a great deal of information, which can be extrapolated, analysed and exploited with cutting-edge technologies.

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