What we do

In the course of our business, we have developed expertise in the world of Information Technology, delving into its various aspects in order to offer you innovative and efficient systems. Digitalisation is a central aspect of human life, which can be integrated into everyday life thanks to experienced professionals and tailor-made solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

Since the concept of Artificial Intelligence first appeared, we have made giant strides in keeping with the rapid technological advancement of recent years.

The growing need for companies to rely on systems capable of reacting automatically – replicate human reasoning skills – has led us to develop and train artificial neural circuits, to offer targeted solutions for our customers.

From the use of intelligent tools in business processes to the adoption of new technologies in everyday life, Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising the world.

Powered by an experienced and competent team of developers, we have designed A.I. and M.L. systems that leverage deep learning to perform decision making functions in response to a situation. 

As the IT world continues to evolve frantically, we don’t stand by and watch, but invest regularly in innovation, updating our A.I. and Deep Learning skills.

Big Data

The explosion in the amount of information produced every day by an ever-growing multitude of devices has affected the lives of all companies and people.

Data can come from different sources (online behaviours, websites, social networks, transactions, smart devices, and much more), they form part of an extremely fast flow and can change over time.

Thanks to innovative technologies and experienced professionals, we are able to offer our customers data management solutions and systems for Big Data management, to be implemented in their business or to be integrated with existing architectures.

We know and value the role of Data, as this can generate valuable information. Thanks to hi-tech equipment and trained professionals, we are able to offer our customers Data management systems for implementation in their business or integration with existing architectures.

An effective data strategy, i.e. the development of a long-term action plan aimed at exploiting data, is the enabler for new business opportunities.

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Cyber Security

The digital world is full of opportunities, but also risks. Cyber Security activities aim to prevent cybercrime and protect critical data. Through an integrated strategy that includes processes, people and updated systems, It Security experts defend the network, making it a safer place for individuals and businesses.

When sensitive data is at stake, we cannot afford to take risks. We put our best experts to work devising reliable and innovative security solutions, based on innovative architectures and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

The nature of attackers has radically changed and is now the preserve of real cybercrime companies, which use increasingly complex and cutting-edge technologies and strategies.

Sferanet AE What we do Cyber Security

GIS and IoT

At the end of 2021, there were approximately 5 billion devices connected to the Internet worldwide, which analysts predict will grow to more than 22 billion by 2025. These devices will therefore have to be managed and protected and already constitute the main source of information generation.

IoT (Internet of Things) systems enable everyday objects, like devices or smart accessories, to establish a safe connection to the network. They send a command to a certain object or collect and transmit data through wireless networks.

Equally common in everyday life are GIS (Geographic Information System) systems – tools for the analysis and representation of elements in the territory.

These are based on geographic software and used to locate objects or study the evolution of an environment, via the collection of information, the creation of maps and the display (2D or 3D) of elements. GIS systems are valuable supports for entities that need specific technologies and devices to develop mobility or environmental analysis solutions.

The immense number of connected devices will generate the majority of information and therefore need to be geolocalised, protected and managed effectively.

Sferanet AE What we do GIS and IoT

Software Development

Crucial for both companies and individuals, software applications must be able to provide users with the tools to meet different needs, while never ceasing to comply with safety, agility and efficiency criteria.

Strengthened by a team of experienced developers, we offer fully customisable software development solutions to companies, government bodies and Public Administrations in order to optimise their business processes.

Drawing on modern technologies and strong expertise, we modernise legacy applications by transforming them into containerised architectures with a DevOps perspective. Convinced that efficiency is closely tied to constant research, we never stop updating ourselves on the latest developments in the sector, in order to strengthen our skills and make them available to our customers.

Based on the user’s needs we offer web mobile and cloud application design and implementation, using Agile development methodologies and no-code tools.

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IT Infrastructures

High on the list of the multidisciplinary skills developed by Sferanet since its first years of existence is the creation of IT Infrastructures, provided as complete or customisable end-to-end solutions.

Our solutions cover everything from the design of basic computational systems, to virtualization, backup, disaster recovery and business continuity services, and integration with any Public Cloud provider. We build reliable, solid and scalable On-prem, Multi-Cloud or Hybrid-Cloud infrastructures, to host complex applications and safeguard our customers’ investments.

The complexity of modern applications requires increasingly powerful, scalable, flexible and integrated infrastructures.

Sferanet AE What we do IT Infrastructure