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In our business we have worked alongside numerous clients, offering complete solutions or customising them according to the specific need. These collaborations gave rise to these main applications, although these are only the starting point of the immense potential this solution offers.

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A complete solution capable of processing images, videos and a multitude of information from any source to ensure the safety of public and private places, recognising objects and people through the use of complex A.I., Facial recognition and Computer Vision functionalities.



An always-available pocket-sized virtual medical assistant, able to monitor and predict people’s health status in real time and suggest treatments and remedies. TakeCare is adaptable to an infinite number of areas of applicability, from the management of single pathologies, to the monitoring of people’s vital parameters during dangerous activities.



The ideal platform for the cities of the future, enabling the delivery of innovative services for citizens to ensure more efficient public transport, a green, sustainable and clean environment, together with predictive models that enable optimisation and cost savings.

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A Last Gen solution for public and private companies as well as agencies working in the tourism industry. By collecting information from multiple data sources, the solution can foresee tourist flows in various parameters such as age, gender, area code and location to name a few, providing specific data so that they are able to enhance their services and attract more customers.

Moreover, an advanced sentiment analysis functionality measures tourist satisfaction, which provides tourism companies a better and more precise understanding about their business and how to grow it.