Protect your Data

Special Project_Protect your Data

Smart Guard

Smart Guard enables the safest data experience for all users, it helps employees and supply chain users to share information in a secure way, tracking files and data from anywhere and on any device.

Track and protect your data anywhere with Smart Guard unique technology

Sferanet AE Protect your Data image
Sferanet AE Smart Guard 2

Key features


Prevent data breaches by planting SoftwareMines in sensitive locations adjacent to files that need protection


Detect external attackers by detecting SoftwareMines “detonations” (unexpected access or opening of files) in critical areas

Data Tracking

Transparently track scattered data’s location, anywhere, with FILE-GPS which constantly “calls home” and reports on a file’s whereabouts

Access Control

Integrates mechanisms to collaboratively (with consent) remove employees’ unnecessary access to data